I have know for a while that children act out for a reason, this is especially true for children with autism. I am not always able to figure out the reason. Charlie is our child that is most impacted by his autism. His communication is getting better, but he still has a way to go. He can not always tell me what he is feeling and he does not feel pain like a typical child. It is often a guessing game as to why he is having a meltdown and sometimes it takes days to figure it out.
About a month ago Charlie had a rough day, and I was irritated with him. He had been on me all day about one thing or another. He wasn’t letting me get any work done and was constantly whining. At what seemed like 10pm but was only 4:00pm he called me into the bathroom. He was projectile vomiting as he was trying to poop. I immediately thought it was his appendix because the vomit was yellow and acidic, and his older Brother had similar symptoms when his appendix was removed. I got my Mother in law to watch the other two boys and raced Charlie to the After-Hours clinic, because it was 5 by the time she got to the house.
Good news, it wasn’t his appendix, bad news was his large intestine was impacted with fecal matter again. On the way home, I began to feel terrible for yelling at him earlier in the day and being so frustrated with him. He must have been unbelievably uncomfortable all day and was acting out from it. Sometimes we are so caught up in life that it is hard to step outside of your situation for a moment and think, why is he acting this way? If I had stopped for a moment and really thought about it rather than get irritated, I may have figured out his impaction sooner.