Sneaky Mess

The other day I see Charlie sneak past me in the kitchen.  My Mom senses began tingling that he was up to something, and wouldn’t you know it, he was.  He had peed in the chair in our playroom.  I don’t just mean a little pee, I mean full on bladder release.  I am thankful it was not poop, but it’s still a mess.


He was too into his TV show to get up and go pee.  When his senses are overloaded, and because he often has an impacted bowel, it is hard for him to tell when it is time to go potty.  I usually remind him to go potty, with a timer on my phone, but I forgot to reset it.  So, I cleaned the seat with towels and then leave baking soda on it to absorb the smell, this is not my first time at the pee cleaning rodeo.

Obvious Signs

One would think that a big pile of baking soda would keep someone from sitting there.  Not my boys,each one of my boys sat in it.  Bobby even tried to eat some of it.  All of this lead me to come up with the ingenious idea of putting tape all over the chair.  This way they wouldn’t sit in it.  My brilliant plan worked and they stayed out of it until I could vacuum up the baking soda.

Frat House

I feel like our house always looks like the day after a frat party.  There is usually some type of hidden food in the playroom that you can only guess at its original form was.  The bathroom that the boys use has the odor of an outhouse in the summer, no matter how much I clean it.  Between everyone’s inability to aim, and Charlie waffle stomping his poop down the shower drain, it’s impossible for it not to smell.  We have a swing in our living room, a trampoline in their room.  Our kitchen has dishes for days.  My goal in life is to have two dishwashers in my next house, I know I dream big.  I would love to have a beautiful and tidy house but my boys seem hell bent on the frat boy look.   So for now we live like animals and maybe one day my house will no longer smell like an orderly’s mop. What about your house?