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Gluten free is a hot topic in the autism community and it has been something I have been avoiding like the plague.  Peer reviewed studies have not proven its efficacy, so I was not going to go through all of the trouble of having my three wheat loving sons go gluten free unless I was sure it was going to work.  All three boys have GI issues, they are often constipated and Charlie suffers the worst.  He gets so impacted that he will fecal smear, have explosive shitatrophies, poop in the shower and waffle stomps it down the drain, and when he gets really impacted he throws up while trying to poop.   I have cleaned up more poop than a hospital custodian.

My stance on gluten free all changed once my thyroid decided to stop working.  I was put on synthetic hormones and told to quit eating gluten.   Much to my dismay, I did what the Doctor ordered and gave up all the happiness that is gluten.  I hate to tell you gluten eaters this, but I feel so much better not eating gluten.  I have been gluten free for three months with only a few mishaps and it has improved my health and my GI tract.  Though I felt better I was still a little reluctant to try gluten free on the boys, they literally eat all white foods.

However, one day on Facebook when I was venting about some type of poop situation with Charlie someone suggested that he might have Celiacs.  I researched it and realized that he has a majority of the symptoms.  Then I referred to my 23 and Me Health & Ancestry kit and realized that I carry one of the genes that would make me more likely to have Celiacs.  It was like everything was lining up and pointing to something that I had been dreading for years.  It is time to try the boys on a gluten free diet.  We are slowly switching over and I think they will be gluten free in about a month.  I’ll keep you posted on how this crazy idea goes, and if you have had success please share!

If you are interested in 23 and Me, please use my link