Buildup to a Meltdown

Do you ever have one of those days where you can feel your child building up to a meltdown?  Each breath they take you think, please don’t let him meltdown.  Your gut clinches every time you have to tell him no, because you know you are moments away from him punching a hole in the wall or hitting a sibling.  Yet you continue to tell him no when necessary because he has got to learn boundaries.

Close Call

This was my day today.  All day from 6:00am this morning until 5:00pm when Trey got home, I was sure Charlie was going to throw an epic fit.  He didn’t, he had amazing control and stopped himself, but living like this is incredibly stressful.  It’s like thinking any moment you are going to have a car accident, then you pull safely into your garage and realize that you are safe and sound.  This is the main reason I have a drink at night.  It is so hard to come down off of so much stress.  Some evenings I feel that I will explode from all of the tension.  Does anyone else feel this way?