I wrote this on Facebook on 4-4-17

This is Autism. We shaved Charlies head tonight because he has been having so many fits, or as he calls them Mayham, that we had to shave his head because he pulls his hair to self harm. All three of my son’s have Autism, and all three have various parts of the spectrum, but Charlie is the only one that self harms. Today I had to make an emergency appointment with his psychologist because he yet again tried to bust out a window of my mini van while I was driving on the interstate with his twin brother in the car who was also freaking out because of his brothers behavior. High functioning, low functioning​, it doesn’t matter autism is a challenge. There is no medication, no cure, no proven therapy that works for all with the exception of ABA and that’s not set in stone. One moment Charlie is playing happily, the next he is scratching all of the skin off of his leg. It is isolating, frustrating, infuriating, exhausting, and heartbreaking, but it’s ours. As many challenges as it brings us, it brings us equal joys, though at times they are hard to see, they are there. It has brought more into our lives than taken away, and though it is dirty and hard it makes us better and stronger as a family. This is a moment of Autism Awareness from a family that is always aware of Autism.